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Deborah Vernon

Councilman - Director of Public Works

Joe Demeo

Supervisor of Public Works and Parks

Administrative Assistant

Physical Address

1829 Fifth Avenue

Arnold, PA 15068

Phone: 724-337-4441

Fax: 724-337-7611

Public Works

The Public Works Director is responsible for all personnel within the public works department including, but not limited to day-to-day maintenance of the City's infrastructure services such as sewer maintenance and facility operation, sanitation, street maintenance, park maintenance and emergency management

The Public Works Department consists of 7 regular employees including the Supervisor.  The City maintains approximately 1 square mile of City accepted streets. The various categories of work performed include:

Garbage and Recycling pickup

Snow removal

Repair and restoration

Sign maintenance/replacement

Storm sewer repairs

Street preventive maintenance

Sanitary System jetting

Line painting

Performing smoke/dye tests

Manhole evaluations, repairs, and cleaning

Rain/Storm Water and Sanitary Sewer Maintenance

The City maintains over 500 storm sewer catch basins. Although the Public Works Department checks the catch basins on a regular basis, residents who observe a clogged or broken catch basin along their street, please call the City Hall at 724-337-4441 or click “contact us” on the Township’s website and leave a message describing the catch basin problem and location.

IT IS ILLEGAL TO HAVE SURFACE RAINWATER CONNECT TO THE SANITARY SEWER LINES. Gutters, driveway drains, French drains, and open outside stairway drains must flow to the street or alley or yard.  This requirement is to prevent excessive storm water from entering the sanitary sewer lines and causing potential sewer backup into residents’ basements.  Please click on the City ordinance summary for the illegal surface rainwater connections to the sanitary sewer lines.