Effective, Monday, March 16, 2020

All City business is to be handled either by phone or

email until further notice to protect our citizens, employees and their families from potential exposure to COVID9.


Our Phone number is 724-337-4441.

2020 Tax Payments can be placed in the drop off box, located directly in front of city hall, next to the announcement board. A receipt will be mailed.

West Penn Power will be starting to install smart meters on our customers’ homes and businesses that are serviced by our Arnold Service Center starting in September. This effort is in response to Pennsylvania Act 129, which requires all large electric utilities in Pennsylvania to install smart meters.

This step toward a more modernized electric system will help us reduce the number of estimated bills and lower some of our operational costs. Smart meters also may eventually help us improve our ability to respond to outages faster and more efficiently. Plus, customers will have access to more detailed energy information through our online Home Energy Analyzer tool that will help you better understand your electricity use—which means you can then make informed decisions on how to manage and control your electricity consumption.

The customer notification process is as follows:

1. Customers will be notified approximately one month before the meter is exchanged. They will receive a brochure in the mail that will provide information about the meter and the installation process.

2. A few weeks prior to the actual installation date, the customer will receive a letter that will give them the time period of when we will be in the area to exchange the meter.

3. On the day of the installation, an installer will come to the door to let the customer know that they are installing the meter. If no one is home, we will leave a door hanger either indicating that the meter has been changed or asking the customer to contact us to schedule an appointment to change the meter. The installers could be FirstEnergy installers or Wellington Energy installers. FirstEnergy installers will have FirstEnergy uniforms and trucks. Wellington Energy installers will wear a brown uniform with a Wellington logo and their white trucks will have Wellington Energy and FirstEnergy logos. Wellington employees will also carry FirstEnergy identification badges.

Note that the company is required by Pennsylvania law to install a smart meter for all our Pennsylvania customers. Pennsylvania does not have an opt-out option. If customers have questions about smart meters, they should call us at 855-344-3400. This is a dedicated number for smart meter questions.